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Clinical Insight, Access and Impact

Mount Sinai Services is an outsourced development and clinical research company focused on diagnostics, medical devices and personalized medicines. Our goal is to enable you to confidently and cost-effectively achieve your critical milestones.

We are a global provider supporting researchers, diagnostic and biotechnology/pharmaceutical companies – from startups to multinationals. We have played a pivotal role in regulatory approval of multiple privately sponsored projects.

Bench-to-Bedside Translational Medicine

We enable translational medicine by providing expertise and advanced services integral to the development of new pharmaceutical, device and diagnostic products.  Clinically and technically integrated into Toronto’s Health system,  we provide true “bench-to-bedside” competency for Life Science innovation and accelerated adoption and are closely partnered with Mount Sinai Hospital, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute and University of Toronto.

Our expertise and access to patients, world-renowned clinicians, researchers and key opinion leaders enables efficient development, at any stage, supported with pragmatic input to optimize results.

Robust Quality Framework

Our robust quality framework and regulatory expertise optimizes design and delivery for your validation studies and regulatory submissions.

Leaders in Personalized Medicine

Mount Sinai Services is a leading centre for the development and delivery of pharmacogenomic assays and companion diagnostics in this emerging field.



Mount Sinai Services is a world leader in:

Clinical Trials and Technology Assessment for Medical Devices and Diagnostics

Integration of Biomarkers into Clinical Development

Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Services

Bench-to-Bedside Innovation and Translational Research