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Mount Sinai Services Achieved CAP Accreditation

Mount Sinai Services Inc. (MSS) an Independent Clinical Research Laboratory Achieves CAP Accreditation.

We are pleased to announce that the Mount Sinai Services Inc. (MSS) laboratory has successfully achieved CAP accreditation On March 7th 2016.  MSS is one of very few independent clinical research laboratories to achieve this accreditation thereby providing clients with the highest level of quality in the clinical research services sector with strong assurance, compliance and added value when submitting for regulatory approvals.

MSS is a leading independent Clinical Research Organization (CRO) located at Mount Sinai Hospital with a global service reach and network of more than 100 collaborators (researchers/scientists/clinicians/surgeons…) in different health care system fields. This accreditation enables MSS to expand its innovative laboratory capabilities to diverse clinical centers, patients and Key Opinion Leaders across therapeutic specialties.

MSS serves pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech industry, academic research, hospital and specialty healthcare clients with:

  • Research & Development (R&D) and validation of specialized assays and unique diagnostic tools
  • Design and execution of clinical validation studies to support FDA and Health Canada regulatory submissions.
  • Clinical trial management including a broad testing menu of more than 2000 routine and esoteric tests.
  • Personalized medicine with specialized expertise in prognostic & diagnostic.
  • Bring the discoveries to clinical applications and enable successful commercialization
  • Diagnostics development from laboratory to point-of-care e.g. lab-on-chip


According to Dr. A. Azad, Managing Director, “The Vision of Mount Sinai Services is to provide customized laboratory and research services using cutting edge technologies. MSS provides the highest level of quality to our clients. We are focused on precision and translational medicine. MSS developed and validated multiple companion diagnostics, biomarkers and new laboratory developed tests (LDT).  Our mission is to improve patient health by enabling translational medicine; MSS offers Life Science and Healthcare companies with advanced services integral to the development and delivery of new pharmaceutical, device and diagnostic products. MSS sets a benchmark for Clinical Research Laboratories with ISO and CAP accreditations.”

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