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About MSS

MOUNT SINAI SERVICES, Inc. (MSS) is a global provider of custom laboratory and research services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics and medical device companies, researchers, and other life science partners.

We improve patient health by enabling translational medicine and providing researchers and Life Science and Healthcare companies with advanced services integral to the development and delivery of new pharmaceutical, device and diagnostic products. Incorporated in 2008 to address the demand for cost-effective, high-quality clinical testing and translational research,  we have played a pivotal role in development, regulatory approval and adoption of multiple privately sponsored projects.

Our team consists of clinical biochemists, scientists, regulatory and business specialists with hospital-based and commercial experience developing products from scientific discovery to commercialization.  We work with start-up’s, and multinational organizations and are uniquely integrated into Toronto’s Health system.   This enables unique access to diverse clinical centres, patients and Key Opinion Leaders across therapeutic specialties and provides bench-to-bedside development capability, or support for any stage there-in.

MSS has expansive and cutting-edge laboratory capabilities.  Our designated laboratories are CAP-accredited and comply with ISO 15189 and GCLP standards enabling provision of a wide range of laboratory/analytical testing services and a robust framework for regulatory submission.


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