global provider of customized laboratory and research services

Our Experience

Mount Sinai Services provides customized laboratory and research services using cutting edge technologies, with the highest level of quality to our clients.

We improve patient health by enabling translational medicine and providing researchers, Life Science and Healthcare companies with advanced services integral to the development and delivery of new pharmaceutical, device and diagnostic products. Incorporated in 2008 to address the demand for cost-effective, high-quality clinical testing and translational research,  we have played a pivotal role in development, regulatory approval and adoption of multiple privately sponsored projects.


We serve pharmaceutical, biotech industry, medical device, academic research, hospital and specialty healthcare clients with:

  • Development and validation of unique research assays and diagnostic tools
  • Design and execution of clinical validation studies  and health technology assessments to support reimbursement and regulatory submissions.
  • Research & clinical trial management including a broad testing menu of more than 2000 routine and esoteric tests.
  • Personalized medicine with specialized expertise in prognostic & diagnostic tools.
  • Diagnostics development as an example traditional biochemistry laboratory tests to point-of-care e.g. lab-on-chip

Case studies

MSS has proven success helping our clients in the development, validation and launch of innovative medical technologies. The following selection of case studies from more than 10 years of experience is intended to provide an overview of what MSS can offer:

Validation of a Multiplex Biomarker Assay Platform

Validation of a Point of Care Blood Analysis System

Validation and Launch of a Companion Diagnostic Assay

Successful Client Outcomes

Medical Device
  • Validated a prognostic platform for (SISH) in breast cancer
  • Optimized a prototype multiplex protein assay for rheumatoid arthritis
  • Validated automated immunoassays for preeclampsia testing (PlGF and sFlt-1)
Method Development & Validation
  • Validate and offer KRAS mutation detection testing for Canadian patients
  • Optimized LDT’s (Her2/neu using SISH) for multinational diagnostic companies- enabled Health Canada and FDA Approvals
  • Optimized antibody assays (IHC) for head and neck cancers
Clinical Trials
  • National multi-site laboratory services for Phase I, II, III clinical trails (Canada, United States, Europe)
  • Utilized novel digital histopathology scoring system to evaluate global clinical trial outcomes in ulcerative colitis
  • Clinical trials that evaluated the efficacy of stents, with outcome of achiving FDA approval
Individualized Medicine & Pharmacogenomics
  • First in Canada to offer a KRAS mutation detection assay for patients with colorectal cancer
  • First reference centre for HER2/neu testing in Ontario
  • First local provider of MOH genetic testing, BRCA, HFE, FV/II
Trendsetter of Diagnostic Testing
  • First in Canada offering 24sure on aCGH (PGD & PGS) – Fertility testing
  • First in Canada to offer Y chromosome microdeletions (YCM) on aCGH platform – Male infertility testing
  • First in Canada to offer a clinical algorithm for efficient high-resolution of cytogenomic analysis of uncultured perinatal tissue samples – Published: European Journal of Medical Genetics
Customized & Flexible Laboratory Testing
  • Ad hoc protocol revisions, enabling quick to market infectious disease testing during SARs 2003 outbreak
  • Able to accommodate infrequent patient recruitment projects
  • Familiar with scope change requests, such as; paediatric clinical trails