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Services by Life Science Sector

Mount Sinai Services Inc. (MSS) is an outsourced development company providing expert bench-to-bedside development services focused on Personalized Medicine, Medical Devices and Assay Development.

Our unique integration with state-of-the-art laboratories and world-renowned hospitals/research institutes gives us differential capabilities for life science innovation, development and accelerated adoption.We assist start-ups and multinationals, from concept through to approvals and adoption. Our purpose is to accelerate your milestone achievements.



Diagnostics/Medical Devices

Whether at concept or commercialization milestones, MSS provides experienced expert services for development and adoption of diagnostics and medical devices. From sophisticated genomic analysis at the point of care to high-throughput multiplex platforms designed for clinical reference laboratories; We provide the services needed to set and stay on the right path to achieve your milestones.


BioPharma & Pharma

From bench-to-bedside, MSS has extensive experience with development of biomarker assays and companion diagnostics. Let us assist you with our specialized expertise in the development, validation and adoption of prognostic, diagnostic and theranostic biomarker assays.

clinical research 2

Clinical Research

Through our competencies and integration into the academic health system we provide unsurpassed access, expertise and support to help advance from discoveries to publication and practice.  We can help you validate the rigor and impact of a biomarker discovery to demonstrate its clinical and intellectual property value.  With our clinical trials services, let us help you to define and generate the efficacy/safety and clinical utility evidence you need.

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Academic Research

When your work requires specialized, reliable, high-quality solutions, our experts can help to provide the expertise and flexible services you need. We offer a diverse array of technology platforms and capabilities to help you achieve your research goals.